Baron Beach in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province

What makes Gunungkidul Regency of Yogyakarta Special Region Province famous? Well, the most common reason is definitely the presence of stunning beaches! For example, tourists should visit the famous Baron Beach! The location is in Rejosari Village at Tanjungsari Sub-District. Despite the difficult route, tourists won’t regret visiting the beach. Both the shore and landscape are beautiful! Plus, the serenity soothes everyone. No wonder, most people choose the beach for relaxation and family recreation there. Not to mention they may find some unique spots located in that area. This would give a new experience to all visitors, for sure.

The Nuance

Visitors won’t feel bored when visiting Baron Beach, for sure. The location is near to a nearby village, so tourists can easily find facilities and accommodations. The sea scenery is wonderful and the landscape is majestic. The beach has the shape of a cape and two coral hills flank it. As for the nuance, it indeed feels merry due to the presence of lots of visitors and local fishermen who work in the sea riding their boat. The shoreline has a brown sandy landscape and soft-textured surface. Many beach umbrellas are also available where tourists enjoy relaxation. What about the sea? The waves are considered small, so it is suitable for swimming.

Exploring Baron Beach

Once arriving at Baron Beach, tourists may see a stunning sea panorama right away. The shoreline has a “U” shape and it is surrounded by green coral cliffs. No wonder, the site becomes tourists’ favorite spot for photography. Visitors can also simply enjoy sightseeing while exploring the beach, especially those who forget to bring a camera. The shoreline is comfy enough for relaxation, after all.

Aside from photography, visitors should also enjoy swimming and water sports during the visit. It is because the waves are friendly enough to enjoy those activities. Still, tourists must not get too far in the midst of the sea. Here is the unique thing. Baron Beach features an underground river that connects directly to the sea. The location is in the west part of the shoreline and tourists can use it for swimming, as well. Even though it connects to the sea, the water is fresh instead of salty.

What is more? People can enjoy other tourist activities in Baron Beach. For example, they should get on the top of the hill and conduct camping up there. At night, the stars look clearly in the sky and the ambiance feels so soothing! Later, in the morning, tourists can enjoy fishing from that spot. Many types of fishes live in that area including barracuda, kuwe gerong, and mackerel.

Nearby Attractions

  • Puncak Bukit Baron
  • Baron Beacon Tawor
  • Tanjung Baron Lighthouse

How to Get There Baron Beach is located in Gunungkidul Regency. However, tourists must head to Yogyakarta City first especially by airplane. The flight even takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes, so it would be a comfortable trip. Once tourists arrive at the destination, they should take Nasional III Street and head to the beach by any available transportation service. This trip may take around 21 minutes, as the distance is 57.7. It is considered fast due to a low traffic, so tourist can to the destination in a more comfortable manner.

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21 Jan 2022