Recommended Places for Vacation Children in Jakarta

Kidzania in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Jakarta City consists of various types of interesting vacation places, no? For families with kids, in this case, they must not miss an opportunity to visit the famous Kidzania. As the name suggests, this place is perfect for kids and parents who want to get a great family experience with their kids. The location is in Senayan Village and belongs to Kebayoran Baru Sub-District. The concept is to provide a special playground for kids of various ages. One thing that makes it different from others is the presence of city replica, which becomes great features for kids to learn.

The Nuance

KidZania applies a city-landscape concept, so kids or children can explore it thoroughly. Unlike regular city landscape, this one has a mini size, which is suitable for children. Once entering the site, visitors can see numerous features like highways, buildings, stores, vehicles, and much more! All of these are replicas, though. The next impressive thing is related to the environment, which is quite neat and clean! Not to mention the management is excellent and professional. That means the keepers would be always ready to help the guests regarding information and direction.

Exploring Kidzania

Well, tourists should not miss the chance to learn the history of Kidzania during the visit later. They can acquire the information either from the keepers or nearby citizens, actually. It is said the construction finished in 2007 and it is managed by Aryan Indonesia Ltd. The location is quite strategic, which is at the famous shopping center Pacific Place. The concept is an indoor family recreation center and it resides on the 6th floor.

Kidzania is meant for kids, who are about 2 – 16 years old. No wonder, lots of local families would occupy the site especially during weekends and holidays. They simply explore the place while enjoying numerous job roles playing like as a doctor, police, dentist, and much more. The site features lots of replicas and facilities to support the activity, after all. The next common thing to do in Kidzania is to learn acting and conduct performances directly. However, it would cost more money in order to enjoy the activity.

Parents love to visit Kidzania with their kids, for sure. One of the reasons is to introduce children to various jobs! Not to mention visitors have the chance to collect lots of beautiful photos during the visit. The concept is to play while learning. One thing, parents must prepare some money both to access the location and use all available facilities. Somehow, it is not suitable for those who look for cheap vacations.

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How to Get There

First, outsiders or tourists should get to Jakarta City by their preferred transportation service. For the fastest trip, in this case, an airplane is the best choice. Later, once arriving at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport, tourists can simply take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to Kidzania right away. The distance is 29.2 km, so the trip may take about 33 minutes.

The next method to visit Jakarta City is by train. In this case, the destination would be Jakarta Kota Train Station. Later, from the station, tourists can simply take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to the vacation area directly. For the information, this trip may take around 27 minutes, as the distance is 16.2 km.

For those coming by bus, they should head to Grogol Bus Station first. Next, they can use Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to Kidzania immediately. Have no worries. The distance is 12.2 km, so the trip would only take about 19 minutes.

Where to Stay

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  • The Residences
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  • The Ritz Carlton

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21 Jan 2022