Sakerah Beach in Bintan Regency, Riau Islands Province

Bintan is the biggest island in Riau Islands Province and it has become one of the best vacation destinations in that region. The main purpose of visiting Bintan Regency is indeed to visit beautiful beaches, including the one called Sakerah. This one is located in North Tanjung Uban Village and belongs to North Bintan Sub-District. The beach has lots of visitors, especially on weekends. People come to the location to enjoy the pristine environment and cheap access, after all. No wonder, local families choose it as their favorite place to spend a recreation.

The Nuance

The nuance is definitely merry or crowded due to a high number of visitors. Another reason is that the location is quite near to Tanjung Pinang City, which is only 15 minutes apart. Once tourists arrive at the beach, moreover, they would find several small gazebos or cottages! The locals call these “Saung”, actually. The good thing is that visitors can use these facilities freely! However, this free offer only applies during regular days (aside from weekends). Otherwise, tourists need to spend some money in order to use it.

Exploring Sakerah Beach

The best thing to do in Sakerah Beach is relaxation. Visitors can simply sit on the gazebo and enjoy the peaceful nuance of the beach. They can also conduct eating together and hang out with friends on the gazebo, in fact! Once again, it is recommended to visit during regular days in order to get the free facility. Not to mention the nuance becomes more peaceful at the time. As an alternative, tourists should conduct beach walking and sit under shady trees. The breezy wind of the sea and calm ambiance would accompany them later!

Next, tourists should spend some money on renting available facilities, especially canoes! Canoeing at the sea would give both fun and new experience for them, without a doubt. As for the fee, it varies depending on when tourists visit the beach. That means it becomes more expensive during weekends and holidays! For those who are looking for free activities, they can conduct beach sports instead. These include beach volley and soccer. The shoreline is soft enough to enjoy these activities, so don’t worry.

In the afternoon, many locals would gather in Sakerah Beach in order to hunt for various sea creatures like shells, sea cucumbers, and much more! The good thing is that tourists can join the activity and get along with those people. Next, it is also recommended to enjoy photography there. Various interesting objects can be a background for photography, after all. These include fishermen, the shore, trees, and many more! Don’t forget about the sunset!

Nearby Attractions

Lagoi Beach

How to Get There

From Jakarta City, tourists only need to take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Hang Nadim Airport at Batam City. This flight usually takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes. Next, from the airport, tourists should reach a local port and ride a boat to Bintan Island. Next, from Bongkar Legoi Bintan Port, they should use Panca Marga Street and head to the beach directly. The distance is 23.1 km, so the trip may take about 32 minutes. 

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21 Jan 2022