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This tourism object is located at Jatiarjo village Prigen distric. This natural preserve is the branch of Cisarua - Bogor natural preserve. As the natural wild life, preserve Taman Safari Indonesia collects various wild animals. This wildlife preserve is 295 hectares, the wild animal such as : lion tiger, wild buffalo, komodo, rhinaceros, bison that live in open area. Lies at the slope of Mt. Arjuno 800 – 1.500-meter sea level cover 340 ha and divided three zones. Wild life zone, place for visitor observing a natural wild life.

Visit Taman Safari Indonesia II with your family, friends or the other. Here you can meet with the youngest animals. You also can take a picture with young Orang Utans, white and the endangered Sumatran tigers, African Lion. Watch and learn the Orang Utans, Chimpanzee, Proboscis Monkeys and more as they swing from branch to branch in their unique cultural settings as well as Cheetah, the fastest land animal in the world. See also our variety of attractive birds in our walk in aviary. Then it's time to go to through the reptile house and see all kind of snakes, lizards, and nocturnal creatures from all over the Indonesian.


How to Visit Taman Safari Indonesia II ?

The location Taman Safari Indonesia II Prigen, Pasuruan- East Java is in the highway between Surabaya and Malang, East Java. It is just 50 Km drive from Juanda International Airport Surabaya or only 1,5 hours by vehicle. While from Malang, it is 45 Km or 1 hour by car. If using public transportation / bus from Surabaya or Malang, stop at Giant Ivory Gate (“Gading”) Sukorejo, then continue by Ojek (hired motorcycle) to reach Taman Safari Indonesia II in 10 minutes.

If you take a bus from Surabaya, you go to Bungurasih The Bus Station in Surabaya and choose Surabaya ­ Malang direction, and then stop at Giant Ivory Gate Sukorejo and continue to Taman Safari Indonesia II by Ojek in 10 minutes. 

If you take a bus from Malang, you go to Arjosari The Bus Station in Malang and choose Malang ­ Surabaya direction, and as the same, stop at Giant Ivory Gate Sukorejo and continue by Ojek. Or use a Travel Agent