Trenggalek Anniversary

Based on "Kamulan" epigraph, Trenggalek was built in August 31, 1194. Traditional ceremony is annually carried out to celebrate the establishment of Trenggalek and this takes place in "Pendopo Kabupaten" (the Regency Hall). A processing is made by hundreds of people wearing Javanese traditional dresses move around along the main road of the ceremony. The people of Trenggalek are not only entertained with palm climbing, gunny bag race, etc, but an all night puppet shadow performance as well. A day before the anniversary, people make a devotional visit to sacred places and stay a whole night reciting the Holy Quran and singing "Mocopat" (six - line Javanese Verse Form).

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Trenggalek Marble

Trenggalek Marble Trenggalek has many kinds of mineral product, one of the products is marble, especially black marble which has its high quality like Italian kind. The youth organization of Nglembeng village, Panggul district make kinds of souvenirs such as … Continue reading

Nasi Pindang Trenggalek

Nasi Pindang Nasi pindang trenggalek is delicious rice with fillets of beef and sweet coconut sauce, thik and brownie sauce. Nasi pindang has particular in So leaf or melinjo leaf, which make the taste is good and delicious. Nasi pindang … Continue reading

Karanggoso Beach

Karanggongso Beach Karanggongso beach is about 3 Km, east of Prigi. The beach is 1,5 Km long with its white sand, gullet and clear water which enables the tourists to take a bath. This beach is located in Tasikmadu village. … Continue reading

The Making Of Trenggalek Batik

Trenggalek Batik This kind of traditional craft is considered as woman work from generation to generation. Industrial area of this craft industry is located in Sumbergedong district, Trenggalek, covering 1,362 units of commercial, by the total production capacity of 794,804 … Continue reading

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