The Prince Benowo Grave

The Prince Benowo Grave is the symbol and eyewitness that still enjoyed up to now. The history of Prince Benowo Grave is beginning from the figure of Prince Benowo self who is an adventurer. On Prince Benowo struggle way, he always powerful and daunted at that moment.

Prince Benowo self have ever become a governor in Madiun. Moreover, in his journey, including; Madiun, Kediri until in a village in Wonomerto, Wonosalam, Jombang, and finally Prince Benowo had die then buried here.

In Wonomerto, Benowo Prince with his group built a real prosperous village. Moreover, at that time the public were very respect to Prince Benowo who known as miraculous man.

Hence, it is not strange, if in Wonomerto, Wonosalam, this Prince Benowo Grave is take care well.
Even in continuity history competition, Wonomerto had become the champion with Prince Benowo Grave present.
From that point above, the Prince Benowo Grave is always get a lot of visitor because it trusted to be miraculous in his life history.
This grave is not difficult to be reached, because the condition of Wonosalam which has a beautiful scenery and good road, is very known well by every adventurous.

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