Sigolo Golo Cave

What make something interesting of this cave is the visitors must pass a real footpath complicated length and must take a ride the stones on the cave’s wall before reaching the cave. This journey is very compatible for visitor who loving nature and like challenge, because along the length of journey, they will pampered by the greenness of natural forest which so friendly and although on the left and right side is crevasses, but it is not fearful.

Sigolo Golo cave, is located in Sranten sub-village, Panglungan village, Wonosalam district, Jombang. It can reached using motorcycle or car, but to come to the cave, we go on foot. The cave which has 9 meters length and 10 meters width, for its development is very frequent visited because the uniquely and its history value.

From those various story about the cave, it is said that this cave is a place of Patih (docile) Maudoro meditation, Damar Wulan's father in Majapahit era. In his meditation, Patih Maudoro always pray for people and Majapahit nation for always given safety and welfare from God, beside that the meditation is also has purpose for strength of own self spiritual in order to get good personality in his life.

Seen from its history, the moral value is what a persistent struggle in Majapahit era which being knocked by Patih Maudoro and if we implement with condition of this nation, at least Goa SigoloGolo can note a history of nation. That history needs to be byword.

Hence, it is not strange, that Goa Sigolo Golo, besides its beautiful nature, it also create a good personality of man. It is proved that this cave is become a place of meditation people with good wishes. If its intention is bad wishes, it is possible that man will get an accident, and he does not get his wishes.

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