Sumber Penganten

The story of this place is beginning from a couple of bridegroom who being in love and having jokes in a natural pool, fresh and cool. There were had fulfilled by many trees around it. Then, the couple of marrying was gone without anything footstep.

Hence, the people had pandemonium because according to them, there is a ghost at that pool. Then, they had a traditional party that held in Sumber Penganten. It is the story and emerge name of Sumber Penganten which being trusted to have “magical strength".

Still according to the story, this pool is commonly applied by Dutch army to relax and having a bath. This is had proved by the present of toilet that still permanent intact. According to story, Sumber Penganten is present before the Dutch colonize. The location of this pool is about 1 kilometer from the center of Jogoroto district. The location of Sumber penganten is hardly far from bustle, but not outlying, and easy to reach by any vehicle, has wide parking area and of course safe.

Why Sumber Penganten trusted, has strength “magic"? There are various opinions in public that, everyone who taking a bath in the night, being assumed be good, and will get a benediction. Therefore, it make many visitor intending 'spare time' in Sumber to get a benediction. Even they usually has something meditation at Sumber, although it has hidden place.

The history value of Sumber Penganten, natural situation and fresh condition is the fascination for the visitor, and they hope will obtain benediction as growing story.

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