Klenteng Hong San Kiong

Klenteng Hong San Kiong is located in Gudo village, Jombang. Besides known as religious place of Tri Dharma (Tios, Budha, and Konghucu), this temple is also functioned as medical place. The interesting point is the visitors who want to get drug are not only from the member itself, but also come from other religion members include the 'Moslems'. Beside that, the interaction with people around is well done.

The interaction of all people is respecting and peace, because its location is in the middle of resident. It has take place since this “Klenteng” / temple had stand up hundreds of years ago. The people around also often involve "process" or Klenteng renovation.

Klenteng with squeezing building nuance have some dwellers ( Deity) as host. They are Kong Co Kong Tik Tjoen Ong. The altar is in the middle of front room. There are Kong Co Hong Tik Tjoen Sing ( Earth Deity) in the left side, in his left is Kong Co Hyang Tfian Sing Tee (Sky Deity). Then in the right side there is host altar Kwan Sing Tee Koen ( Truth Deity) and under the 'rest place' of host Deity, there is Kong Cu Kong Tik Tjoen Ong’s vehicle called Bing Hoe Ciang Koen.

Actually, there are many residents in this temple that known by all follower. According to the head of Klenteng Tri Dharma of Hong San Kiong Organisation named Sutejo, since it had built, this temple has double functions both as religious place and as medical practice.

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