Tirta Wisata

Cold climate, transparent water lake, fishing rod pool, swimming pool of child and adult, tennis court for having sport, and fresh park, which is beautiful with the balcony, is an interesting situation to be relax when having recreation with family. It is an image of Tirta Wisata or which is had recognized as Keplaksari. The present of Tirta Wisata Keplaksari is hardly considered, because it can say that this tourism object as an entrance to Jombang from east direction.

Tirta Wisata has provided many kinds of recreation facilities that adequate. The relative town climate of this tourism place is suitable for family recreation and we can get there easier. It means, “Tirta Wisata" is suitable for family who want to spend their time. Moreover, know on, Tirta Wisata have been equipped with cafe that providing various food and beverage which cheap and delicious.

Commonly, Tirta Wisata presents many kinds of entertainments such as artistry, which able to be enjoyed the visitor. ‘Recreation and amused', it is the situation which wishes to be presented by Tirta Wisata which is one place of pre-eminent tourism in Jombang, because it organized professionally.
It is had proved by the increase of the beautiful of Tirta Wisata, and seemingly, the mission of Tirta Wisata as the right choice of family Recreational Park is realized optimal.

The fresh situation, conducive, cold and easy to have reached, of course will make this Tirta Wisata as a place of favorite recreation for Jombang city.

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